Toilet Lift Comfort Model

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Elderly product Manufacturing comfortable model of toilet lift for disabled and elderly people

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Move with your heart,multi-stage adjustment
Adjust the height of the seat with one button,meet requirement of different customer

Load>200 kg
Strong load-bearing,stable structure,fully support,safety guarantee

Easy to operate ,easy to use one click for lift seat and down,one botton operation with silence

Large capacity lithium battery,safe and durable
Standard large capacity lithium battery.There is no power outlet behind the toilet, users with sockets,can be powered up using the standard power charger 24V lithium battery 220V AC universal plug,Once full, support 160 lifts can be directly connected to the outlet to use the power display

The battery display fuction The battery level display function under the product can intuitively understand the power and timely charging to ensure continuous use

Non-slip base and roller
The intelligent toilet assisted lift chair comes standard with a non-slip base.
Optional roller for easy movement, roller with brake design
Easy to shift, the brakes are stable

The mirror finishing paint easy to clean
The surface of the intelligent auxiliary lift chair is mirror-finished, and the smooth and shiny handrails are painted , safe and hygienic and easy to clean

Effectively prevent pinching and spilling urine
The cap is extended and designed.Effectively prevent the elderly from being pinched by obesity or loose skin,and prevent contamination caused by spilling urine when going to the toilet

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 61 × 60 × 70 cm

price: 750 dollars
delivery time: 30 days


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