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Toilet Lift series - Product Features

Getting dizzy, chest tightness, back pain and weak knee pain when you get up from the toilet? If there has been a similar situation, please note that an accident may come at any time!

Every year, there are many cases of injury and death caused by fainting and falling when people with mobility problems get up from the toilet, and according to the average of 3-5 times a day to go to the toilet, that is 1095 to 1825 times a year for 365 days, the more times you “risk”, the greater the possibility of accidents.

SLD toilet lift, through the simple operation, coupled with good support and ergonomic design, reduces the risk of falling, to make sure that everyone can use the toilet easily, safely and comfortably.

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Toilet Lift Basic model

1. Ergonomic design, relieve 80% of the pressure on the user’s knees
2. Designed for the elderly, pregnant women, athletic rehabilitation, weak knees, people with disabilities, etc.
3. Control: one-button control, simple operation
4. Power source: large capacity lithium battery
5. Handrail: non-slip silicone material
6. Seat: The inner side of the seat ring has an extened design, can effectively prevent hygiene problems caused by liquid splashing
7. Product size & weight:
Base (not including the seat ring and the above part):
L606 * W520 * H480 mm
Seat ring to arm rest: H280-350 (when lifted) mm, 18kg
8. Packing size & weight (with battery): L680 * W610 * H560 mm, 24kg
9. Lifting angle: 34° max, Ergonomic arc lift
10. Lifting movement: front 270 mm max, rear 350 mm max (when lifted)
11. Operation time: 45 seconds / cycle (lift and lower)
12. Fully charged use times: around 150 cycles
13. Available maximum capacity load: 200kg
14. Charger input: 220V AC
15. Output voltage: 29.4V DC
16. Lithium battery input: 29.4V DC
17: Lithium battery output: 24V DC
18. Power supply: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
19. IP level: 44/68
20. Certification: FCC, CE, ISO9001, MSDS certification

Toilet Lift Comfort model

Add armrest and backrest base on basic model & including all basic model features, for your more comfortable use.

Backrest and curved arm support design with ergonomically style, support the arm more comfortable. Equipped with portable bedpan, which is convenient to use beside bed.

Toilet Lift Premium model

Add SOS emergency calling base on comfortable model & including all comfort model features.

We have non-slip base and roller, optional rollers are for easy movement. Rollers are designed with brake, easy to shift and the brakes are stable.

Toilet Lift Luxury model

Add wireless remote control on the premium model & including all premium model features.

Wireless remote control is for elderly not convenient to care themselves. For example, caregivers or family members could help the elderly without standing around the elderly when they are on toilet.

Optional Feature

Wireless remote control is optional function (usually for elderly not convenient to care themselves).

If in need, equipped SOS for emergency calling, now it links with GSM, that means sent message to phone via telephone card only.

Toilet Lift Washlet

1. Optimized complex operation
2. Easy to enjoy cleaning and massage, adjustable warm air drying.
3. One click for seat lift and down
4. SOS alarm
5. Warm wind dry & Warm water washing & Heated seat ring
6. Non-slip base
7. Wireless Control
8. An intelligent knob for the elderly
9. Size: 525 * 605 * 695 mm
10. Packaging size: 680 * 650 * 570 mm
10 Net weight: 23KG
11. IP level: IPX4
12. Working voltage: 24V DC
13. Shape: 34 degree up and down
14. Maximum load capacity: 100KG

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