Powered Lifting Sink

Powered Lifting Sink

Ergonomic design with concealed launching, wheelchair free space at the botton can ensure the wheelchair is accessible. Good for elderly to use while sitting.

Equipped with sensor lights to ensure that it is still easy to operate in dark conditions.

Drawable style faucet is more convenient to wash hair, is the good helper of clean basin.

1. Gross weight : 75KG
2. Net weight: 70KG
3. Product size: L750 * W440 * H1500 mm, lift range 200 mm up or down.
4. Packing size: L850 * W850 * H550 mm
5. Warranty :1 year
6. Support the elderly move up and down on sink
7. Power supply charger Adapt Power:110-240V AC 50-60hz 
8. Pogressive cambered surface design Adjustable height,  height:800mm-1000mm
9. Waterproof and antibacterial button set up multiple hight level
10. Free space for wheelchair users
11. Height adjustable for all family members

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