Powered Lift Cushion - Video intro

Powered Lift Cushion — Product Features

Powered Lift Cushion

1. Ergonomic design
2. Designed for the elderly, pregnant women, athletic rehabilitation, weak knees, people with disabilities, etc.
3. Control: one-button control, simple operation
4. Pluggable split controller
5. Power source: large capacity lithium battery
6. Surface: PVC dispensing surface to ensure non-slip
7. Rear part: Organ type shield to prevent accidents such as pinching of hands or clothing
8. Product size & weight: L420 * W410 * H55 mm, 6.5kg
9. Packing size & weight: L600 * W450 * H90 mm, 7.0kg
10. Lifting angle: 34° max, Ergonomic arc lift
11. Lifting movement: front 100 mm max, rear 330 mm max (when lifted)
12. Operation time: 30 seconds / cycle (lift and lower)
13. Fully charged use times: around 80 cycles
14. Available maximum capacity load: 100kg
15. Motor working voltage: DC 24V
16. Motor rated power: 50w
17. Motor operating load factor: 20%
18. Power adapter: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz || DC 24V 3A
19. Battery voltage and capacity: DC 24V, 1.5Ah
20. Battery charger specifications:
input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.65A Max || Output: DC 29.4V, 1A
21. Certification: CE, MSDS certification

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