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The transformation family is an old couple family; the grandfather has been 80 years old, is a veteran, due to a stroke caused paralysis, usually rely on a wheelchair to go out. Grandpa’s wife is also 78 years old, typically takes care of grandpa’s life. The old couple lives in an old apartment of less than 100 square meters, built for many years.

  1. Clean the whole wall and paint the wall to improve the home environment of the elderly and make the room brighter.
  2. The wires in the room need to reform as a whole.  The old and messy wires should be improved to protect the electrical safety of the elderly. The LED lamps are replaced indoors.
  3. Clean the bedroom, install handrails for the convenience of the elderly, and install small night lights for the convenience of the elderly at night.
  4. Install some handrails in the bathroom and place bathing chairs and toilet stands to help the elderly stand up and move.

The 90 years old man just woke up from his nap, holding the handrail more than one meter high outside the bed and pacing to the bathroom step by step. This handrail is one of the achievements of aging transformation.

In Grandpa Liao’s house, such intimate designs can be seen everywhere. Anti-skid bars, anti-skid carpets, bathroom folding seats, and other facilities are installed in the bathroom. “My father is not flexible and fell before.” Grandpa Liao’s son said that going to the bathroom has always been the most significant problem over the years. He is constantly worried for fear of a mistake. After the transformation, the older man can get up through the armrest and use the folding seat when going to the bathroom. The older man can sit and take a bath, which is comfortable and safe. Now, the older man can go to the toilet independently, and he is also worry-free and practical.

Grandpa Chen has hemiplegia. He usually relies on his wife’s help to go to the bathroom, take a bath and go out. However, grandma is getting older and older, and she is a little weak. She can’t bear to take care of him so hard every day. Grandpa would rather lie in bed every day. Initially, he was only hemiplegia, but this led to poorer self-care and more significant negative psychological emotions. 

After communicating and evaluating, install a power support frame on the side of the bed where the elderly are not hemiplegic. A circle of handrails is along the wall of the power-assisted structure to the living room and bathroom. Due to the toilet at night, the toilet lift seat is perfect for moving around for Grandpa Chen.

 After the transformation, he walked to the living room little by little and came to the balcony. When he saw the scenery outside the window, his tears came down. It was the first time in many years that he came here on his own. At that time, he took our staff by the hand and said, “thank the government, thank us, and say that this is his happiest day in so many years.” it turned out that happiness can be so simple with an armrest.

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