Our Company mission

and Culture

We want every people with limited mobility to enjoy free life as an ordinary person.


Products: Toilet seat lift, Automatic Bedpan, Lift Cushion, Electric Wheelchair Handrail.

Offer various types of handrails, whether for standing urinals, sitting toilets, or others.

More types, more materials lead to more choices of the convenient handrail.


Focus on solving the difficulty of standing up and sitting down for special people.

Provide better safety and freedom. Products: Toilet seat lift, Automatic Bedpan, etc.


You can contact us directly to get a more accurate quotation and various services.

We can customize it according to the products you want. Welcome to call us.



Our Certificates and


For our products, we have applied for many patents to protect our rights and interests with our users. Of course, we have also done many reviews and tests to ensure the quality and safety of our products before they are officially released. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us and we will answer them for you.

Documents for the Toilet Lift series:

Documents for POE Cushion:

Documents for Powered Lift Cushion: